Riverside Subdivision


John Mergenthal from Cheyenne, Wyoming is developing the property once owned by Johnny Anderson. This new subdivision of Guernsey is now known as the Riverside Estates. The final plat has been approved by the Town Council. And as you have probably noticed there has been earth moving equipment leveling out what once was nothing more than a pasture. Mr. Mergenthal has requested and received council approval to build; one (1) building to be used as office space and material storage; two (2) townhouses, and two (2) homes. When completed, Riverside Estates will consist of 14 townhouses and 17 homes. All will be quality “stick-built” units (constructed on-site).

Framing and roofing have been completed on the office/storage building.


Basement excavation for the two town houses has been done; the footings are in, and the forms in place to pour the cement for the basement walls. Excavation is in progress for the basements of the two homes.

Several different floor plans will be used in the subdivision as well as a number of different materials and colors for the outside walls. John didn't want the homes to look like they were cut out with cookie cutters; where they all look alike.

Mr. Mergenthal and his wife have already chosen the lot and floor-plan of the home they plan to build for their retirement here in Guernsey.

The Town of Guernsey wishes to extend a welcome to the Mergenthals. We appreciate their willingness to participate in the growth of our town.