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Free WIFI!
In the world of internet and wireless connectivity, a place where you can link to the internet wirelessly is called a Hot Spot. The Guernsey Visitors Center is now a WiFi hotspot with free wireless internet access available to the public. The wireless network is called Guernsey WiFi and is available free to the public.

The network is provided by the Town of Guernsey and is now active. The service will be expanded to include more of Gordon Davis Park in the future. You will then be able to sit under the trees and surf the internet as you enjoy the park.

Like to walk, jog or bike?
The North Platte River walk, about 2 1/2 miles around the periphery of Guernsey is very peaceful and solitary.

The Municipal Campground and RV Park at Trail Ruts has showers and hook-ups. There are also campsites located at Guernsey State Park. These sites do not have hook-ups but offer a clean outdoor facility and beautiful surroundings.

It’s a must! Just 12 miles south of Guernsey, you’ll come up on a resevoir called Grayrocks. It’s the hottest bass/walleye, catfish and musky fishing spot in the State! Wendover Canyon offers excellent brown and rainbow trout, catfish and walleye as well.

You can hunt just about anything you want. There is small game as well as big game hunting. If you enjoy waterfowl or small game birds, we’ve got that too! Results are excellent. For more information, visit the Wyoming Game and Fish.

Filled with the wonders of history, Guernsey is full of historical sites such as Register Cliff and the Oregon Trail Ruts.

Surrounding areas....Hartville, located 6 miles north of Guernsey, is Wyoming's oldest Incorporated town dating back to 1884. Hartville was first settled in the 1870's by prospectors mining for gold, copper, onyx and iron. Some of the old stone buildings still stand today, as well as a couple of businesses, which includes the oldest active Bar in the State of Wyoming.

Sunrise, located 1 mile east of Hartville on Highway 318, started as a copper mine but in 1898 an iron ore mining operation was established. It started as one of the largest open pit mines and later was mined underground as well. Being a company town, Sunrise had it's own store, doctor, hospital, church, school and the first YMCA ever built in the State of Wyoming. Less demand for the ore brought production to a standstill closing the mine in 1980. Sunrise has now become nothing more than a merge ghost town filled with the memories of a once thriving community.

If you would like to know more about lodging and dining options in Guernsey, please contact the Guernsey Visitor Center for more information.

Any time of year, Guernsey is a great place to visit -- come see how we're building a quality community!

Guernsey State Park

Register Cliff

Trail Ruts

Lucindy Rollins Grave

Guernsey Dam