From the Desk of Judge Conner

Municipal Courts in the state of Wyoming can try criminal cases stemming from violations of Municipal Ordinances. The maximum penalties that the Court can impose are fines up to $750, and jail time in the County jail of up to 6 months. Municipal Courts cannot try civil cases. Also, Municipal Courts are not considered Courts of Record by the state; therefore Municipal Judges are not allowed to perform weddings. First class cities are required to have attorney judges. In smaller towns judges are not required to be attorneys. Judges are appointed by the Mayor, and confirmed by the Council. Many municipalities in Wyoming employ Court clerks. In Guernsey the Judge handles the clerk duties, as well. As the sole Officer of the Court, I deal with all citations from initial entry onto the Court docket to final disposition. I have adopted the State’s recommended Forfeitable Bond Schedule, and most violations will fall under this schedule. The Defendant can then just pay the fine, or can come to Court to contest the citation. If the fine is forfeited, I then write a receipt, send a copy of the receipt to the Defendant, close the docket, and notify the State of the conviction. If a person wishes to contest the citation, I hold an arraignment first. At this hearing I explain the Ordinance, which the person is accused of violation, I explain the maximum possible penalties, which could be imposed, and I explain the Constitutional Rights to which this person is entitled. If a Not Guilty plea is entered, I set the matter for trial. The citing officer is notified of the Court date, and on occasion the City Attorney is notified. Most trials are held without the prosecuting attorney in attendance, however if the Defendant retains an attorney, the Officer request the prosecutor to attend, or if there are some complex issues involved, the City Attorney will attend the trial. I usually am in my office on Tuesday and Thursday mornings, and I hold Court on these days as well. As Judge, though, I am basically on call 24/7. If a person is arrested and incarcerated, what has become known as the 48-hour rule applies. Any person held on a “warrantless” arrest, must be dealt with by an Officer of the Court within 48 hours. This means either seeing the person in Court, or by setting bond or conditions of bond, and releasing this person from jail. I have full authority to issue arrest warrants and subpoenas. At the end of each month, I turn over to the town’s general fund, all fines, court costs, and forfeitures which I have received during the month. Also at the end of each month, all convictions are reported to the State of Wyoming, a record of all actions during the month is reported to the Wyoming Supreme Court, and to the City Council, and a record of actions is turned over to the Guernsey Gazette.

Should you have any questions or concerns please fell free to call, write us or e-mail the Guernsey Municipal Court.

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