The following are the major departments of the Town, including a description of their main functions. If you need more information on a particular Town function or service, these sections of the Web site should be helpful to you.

Responsible for overall Town operations. Staff members include the Clerk/Treasurer, Deputy Clerk, and Billing Clerk.

Municipal Court
Responsible for administrating the operations of the judicial branch of Town Government according to the ordinances adopted by the Town Council.

Town Attorney
The Town Attorney provides necessary legal services for the Mayor, Town Council, Town Departments, Boards and Commissions. The Town Attorney has a duty to serve the Town Council and Town Government and IS NOT allowed to give legal advice to individual citizens.

Public Safety
Responsible for all safety and emergency activities in the Town. Key staff members include the Chief of Police, Fire Chief, and Emergency Management Manager.

Parks & Recreation
Our Parks & Recreation consist of Gordan Davis Park, West Park, Guernsey Swimming Pool, Guernsey Visitor's Center and Guernsey Municipal Golf Course. Our staff consists of Park Maintenance overseen by the Town Superintendent, Pool Manager, Visitor Center Manager, and Trail Ruts Golf. For more information on these departments, please look for their section of our website!

Public Works
Responsible for the major utilities and infrastructure of the Town. Key staff members include the Street Maintenance, Electrical, Water and Sanitation all overseen by the Town Public Works Director.

Building & Safety
Reviews permit applications and inspects new and existing buildings and structures to enforce conformance to building and zoning codes and regulations.

Airport Board
Responsible for the promotion and development of air transportation and Business.