No Call WY

1. What is it?

The "No-Call" law requires most telemarketers to refrain from calling residential or wire-less telephone or pager numbers that have been enrolled in the Direct Marketing Association's (DMA) Telephone Preference Service (TPS). The law also requires telemarketers to disclose the purpose of the call (to sell something) and to identify the business on whose behalf they are calling.

2. How do I put my number on the TPS?

You must contact the DMA and request that your number be included on the TPS list. You can complete the attached form and send it to the DMA at the address given, or visit the DMA's web site at (go to the consumer assistance page) to submit your request electronically.

3. Will enrolling stop every call?

No. Since there are exceptions for telemarketers with whom you already have a business relationship and for businesses making less than 225 telephone solicitation calls per year, you will probably continue to receive some calls from telemarketers.

4. What if a telemarketer calls me after I've put my number on the TPS list?

The Wyoming Attorney General's Office enforces the “No-Call” law. If you have enrolled your number on the TPS list at least 60 days prior to receiving a call from a telemarketer, you can file a complaint with the Attorney General's Office. If you wish to file a complaint, please call the Consumer Protection Unit at (307) 777-7874, or toll free outside of Cheyenne at (800) 438-5799.


No Call Information
No Call Enrollment Form

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