Curbside Yard Waste Program

As you may be aware, the Town of Guernsey, in cooperation with TDS, has begun the process of separating yard waste out of household trash. Per the Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality, in Wyoming solid waste is typically disposed of by burying in a landfill. Recycling diverts materials out of the waste stream and therefore reduces the amount of waste that needs to be buried, thus extending the “life of the landfill”. Bottom line - landfill space costs money and the price tag is going up every year.

By recycling your greens, you also help the town produce useful mulch and compost and reduce the amount of waste in our landfill which ultimately increases its life.

In addition to hauling your yard waste to the landfill, the town established drop-off locations where yard waste could also be hauled and dumped. However, for the physically impaired, the Town has implemented a new program called the “Curbside Yard Waste Program” which is to be used strictly for those who are unable to haul their yard waste due to age, health or physical handicap. Part of this program also offers to have your recyclables picked up as well!

How to prepare your yard waste for pick-up:

  • Place only yard waste in either of the following containers only:

- We suggest using biodegradable paper bags (that can be purchased at any local hardware store).


-A standard 32 or 45 gallon size trash container with your name and address labeled on the container.


-Garbage bags no larger than 33 gallons; not to exceed 40 lbs.

Plastic containers used will be emptied onto a trailer and your container will remain at your residence. However, plastic and/or biodegradable bags will not be returned.

  • Contact Town Hall to generate a “work order” to have your yard waste picked up.
  • Pick-up days are Mondays and Thursdays from April 1st thru October 31st. Please plan ahead and allow a minimum of 24 hour notice prior to the pick-up day.
  • Brush bundles should be no more than 4 feet long by 1 foot in diameter. Tie brush bundles with rope or twine, no wire please. Individual limbs should be no larger than 4 inches in diameter
  • Only organic yard trimmings are collected (no plastic, rubbish or lumber)
  • Collection does not occur on holidays

How to prepare your recyclables for pick-up:

  • Place aluminum cans, steel cans, and plastic containers into a cardboard box. Remember to rinse out the cans and containers prior to placing them for pick-up.
  • Newspapers, magazines, telephone books, catalogs, junk mail and other “slick stock” papers may be placed into a cardboard container or into a paper grocery sack. PLEASE BE SURE TO SEPARATE NEWSPAPERS FROM ALL OTHER TYPES OF PAPER. Papers or any other recyclables (other than yard waste) will NOT be picked up if in plastic bags.
  • Cardboard and carrier stock paper should be flattened contained in a cardboard box, paper grocery sack or bundled and twined.


Today, as natural resources become scarcer and manufacturing costs rise, recycling is more important than ever. We’re working to find the most efficient and forward-thinking approach to waste. With the help of residents like you, all of us can help protect the environment and improve the quality of life on this planet we share.

For more information, contact Town Hall at (307) 836-2335
or [email protected]