Underage Drinking

First Lady

Initial Welcome Message

Thank you for your interest in this initiative! Dave and I are convinced that Wyoming can no longer ignore or tolerate childhood drinking. Science tells us that the earlier a child begins to drink, the greater his or her chances of becoming alcohol dependent. We also know that children who abuse alcohol have impaired learning, memory and problem solving abilities. Finally, alcohol use is associated with increased suicides, attempted suicides, violent behavior,

Stopcrime and risky sexual activity. The most startling fact is that early alcohol use will likely kill or injure more young people than all illegal drugs combined.

These facts represent a Call to Action for Wyoming. What can you do? A report presented by the Institute of Medicine - National Academies of Science offers a roadmap to prevent childhood drinking. Recommendations include: raising adult awareness of underage drinking and encouraging adults to take responsibility for helping to prevent it; engaging the industry and community leaders in efforts to reduce youth exposure to messages about the appeal of alcohol; strengthening compliance with laws and regulations that prevent minors from purchasing alcohol; and implementing youth outreach programs. That is what this campaign is all about! Please don’t be discouraged or overwhelmed by all that can

Wyomingand should be done.Remember, each of us can take some action, in our homes or our communities, to reduce childhood drinking. The pledge is simple: “I will educate myself, I will take action, I will be the change I want to see.” Collectively, we can do it. Thank you so much for joining me in this effort!

New 2016 Evaluation of Alcohol Factors in Custodial Arrests report is now available....click here!