Judge William Conner

JudgeJudge Conner was first appointed as in March of 1990. He has served as the Town of Guernsey Municipal Judge for 33 years. Judge Conner completed the Basic Jurisdiction Course at the National Judicial College in November of 1990. He has been a member of two professional organizations since 1990; The Wyoming Association for Courts of Limited Jurisdiction, which in 2004 became the Wyoming Conference of Municipal Courts, after the Circuit Court Judges decided to form their own organization, and the National Judges Association, which is the most prominent association for Non-attorney Judges in this country. Judge Conner has also been the State Director for this organization since 1994. In addition, he held the office of Secretary for the NJA foundation from 2001 through 2003. Both of these organizations hold annual training seminars. He has attended these seminars every year since his appointment with the exception of 2 years for the NJA. One year both conferences were held the same week, and another year the NJA conference was held in September, which was in conflict with the State Judicial Council Meeting.

The Judicial Council in Wyoming consists of all Wyoming Judges; Municipal, Circuit, and District. This organization also holds an annual training seminar, usually in the fall. Between the three organizations Judge Conner has averaged between 25 and 40 hours of CJE (Continuing Judicial Education) every year.

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