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The Hub of the Oregon Trail.
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Certificates & Training

Since joining the Town of Guernsey
staff as Building Inspector Matt has
added additional job titles and
responsibilities to his position.
Town Planner is one of
them. As Town Planner
Matt is the lead designer
of Town construction
He develops the scope of work for each project
based on the needs of the community and the
intended use of the structure or infrastructure.
Matt also creates and maintains
all of the Utility Service Maps for
the Town.
All of the utility maps
are created using
AutoCAD Map 3D.
Map 3D is software program 
that utilizes the NAD 83 Wyoming
East Foot Plane.
global information
system which is the same system
that GPS devices use.   
 As we all know, technology is constantly changing 
and the need to adapt to those changes is never ending.
    In order to stay current with all
of the various changes the only
choice a person has is continuing
education and training.
These are some of Matt's
certifications and certificates
from various types of courses.


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